That great feeling when an event organizer highlights you on a banner.

Thanks to the organizers of the 44th World Youth for making me look like a star.

If you haven’t heard, I will be speaking at the 44th World Youth Rally. I spoke there last year. They invited me back this year, I suggested that it might be more interesting if North Korean refugees joined me this time.

After I speak this year, three North Korean studying in TNKR will give talks about peace.

Invitation from the World Youth Rally 2019:

​​​​​​​[ Purpose ]
Korea is the only divided nation in the world and ‘peace’ is an ongoing topic for the country. It will be truly meaningful for participants to discuss about ‘peace’ while staying in the country with the most concern for it. This session will be a reminder of the importance of peace for all, especially for young people. Participants will have time to listen to the various perspectives regarding the term ‘peace’ and review what next generations can do to maintain a peaceful world.

13:00 – 15:00 Part 1. TNKR Session.
And we’re going to have time to listen to the opinions of our young friends who have escaped from North Korea. With the help of TNKR, we had a chance to invite young friends who are learning English from Casey Lartigue Jr.. Let’s ask them various questions and listen to what they think about peace.
Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a difference in the refugee community. Our main activities are one-on-one individualized English tutoring, speech coaching, and fundraising.

1) Casey Lartigue Jr. introduction and opening of TNKR
2) 10 minutes presentation by three North Korean students (subject: “For me, what is peace?”)
3) Question & Answer session with World Youth Rally participants

July 18 (Thu) (13:00-16:00)


[ Expectations ]
By listening to the presentations of TNKR and North Korean students, participants will be able to understand different and true meanings of peace. They will reflect on their own significance of peace and realize peace can come in many various forms. Participants will connect with other people’s ideas of it and try to come up with solutions to sustain the peace, not taking it for granted.

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