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2015-02-17 Turn DC into a sea of fire, please (CSIS conference)

Item #1: It is snowing in Washington, DC, the city government is closed, the streets are covered with snow.
Item #2: The Center for Strategic and International Studies is holding a day-long conference: “North Korean Human Rights: The Road Ahead.”
Item #3: The North Korean government threatened to respond “very strongly” if the conference gets held. (Yes, it has started).

Conclusion: Yes, please, North Korean government, turn D.C. into a sea of fire. So cold, so much snow here…

I am now at the conference, bumping into many friends and colleagues. Even one of the Teach North Korean Refugee students is here. She looked so happy, it was wonderful to see her.

This kind of conference reminds me why I don’t have to worry about North Korea targeting me. There are so many more prominent people. But I guess I should worry when so many of North Korea’s enemies are gathered together like this….

More updates later, as long as the DPRK doesn’t “very strongly” bomb the building and destroy my Wi-fi connection…

with Blaine Harden, author of Camp 14. Not only did he recall that I moderated a session with him and Shin Dong-hyuk in 2013, but he praised my organization Teach North Korean Refugees and said he follows our activities on Facebook.

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