Casey Lartigue is co-founder of the Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center in Seoul. He has worked as a researcher in both South Korea and the United States, but gave them both up to focus on helping North Korean refugees. The first few years, Casey and his co-founder Eunkoo Lee were unpaid volunteers. In 2018, Casey donated 56% of his salary to the organization and Eunkoo loaned the organization $10,000 so it could secure an office.

Donations to TNKR are tax-deductible for individuals in both the USA and South Korea. Become a monthly donor or raise at least $100 a year and you are eligible to receive books signed by North Korean refugee authors connected with TNKR as well as received Casey’s newsletter exclusively for TNKR donors and fundraisers. This year, TNKR has a matching donation challenge, in which a TNKR fan pledges to match all donations that are made to Casey’s fundraiser.

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