Thae Yong-ho is the former top North Korean diplomat who dramatically escaped from the U.K., in 2016. He has long been #1 on North Korea’s target list. I just got back from having a working dinner with him and colleagues.

I don’t even bother trying to debate with him about foreign policy issues, he is a former diplomat who discusses the history of countries the way many people discuss sports teams or their favorite TV show.

But about education and North Korean refugee issues, we have a lot to talk about. He explained TNKR to the others at the dinner tonight, and it is moving to hear this former North Korean diplomat explain so eloquently (and accurately) what TNKR is doing. Tonight I did more listening than talking, and will soon propose a big idea to him.

Here he is describing TNKR last year.

Photos from his presentation to TNKR last year (click here for more photos).

And his book (in Korean) is available through TNKR’s Book Club.