Back in 2015 when TNKR was a hobby for the TNKR co-founders, we began making moves to become an official organization. We had started to become known for tutoring, and that was important. To become a legitimate organization that could even become strong enough to have paid staff, we needed people who were interested in helping us to build the organization.

Rorry is one of the people who found us. We talked for more than three hours at that first meeting at the Freedom Factory office. She had contacted me about 10 days before, her enthusiasm was turning cartwheels in her email. She was inspired by videos she had seen of North Korean refugees who have spoken out about their stories and North Korea.

What I like is that she has some ideas about ways she wants to get involved in TNKR, she has thought in advance, but she thinks on her feet in response to things she hears. She even caught me off-guard with one of her questions, reminding me that I must listen before responding, and not to underestimate youngsters who come to me with questions. It is like you think you are playing chess, but suddenly realize it is a game of checkers–Oh! I better start paying attention.

I had gotten lazy, kind of jaded by people asking me curiosity questions. When she asked a question, she had a goal in mind, or wanted to consider a way to get something done.

She brought energy, analytical thinking, and she focused on ways we could develop TNKR in other ways. She also brought friends to volunteer. Because of her, we created an international students team to help out at events and volunteer in other ways.

She also did some occasional tutoring, but on special occasions for refugees who needed short-term help. She dropped by the office yesterday during her trip to South Korea.

She organized at least one speech at a university, although it might have been two.

And she helped out at other TNKR events, such as a Christmas party.

Christmas fundraiser

Back in Vienna, she organized a Christmas party fundraiser for TNKR!

So you can imagine how delightful it was that she stopped by yesterday to see us at TNKR. We now have a new office (back then, we operated mainly out of the TNKR office but also had a study center for refugees based out of the Bitcoin office).

This morning Rorry set up this fundraiser for TNKR!

And she posted this lovely note on her Facebook page.