I’m applying for two different jobs, I hope I get one:

  • 1) Selling heaters in hell.
  • 2) Selling handheld air conditioners at the North Pole.

Apparently I’m overqualified for both jobs, based on my stupid decision to stubbornly schedule TNKR Matching sessions in July for the sixth consecutive year.

Matching sessions during the summer for the sixth consecutive year means EMERGENCY orientation sessions for the sixth consecutive year.

Actually, EVERY Matching session we have is an emergency for me. We have North Korean refugees coming to us for help with English. Many are at the ABC level, some others have studied in other places but failed to master English, and some others have gotten good at English but need 1:1 assistance.

If I could get away with it then I would call every session an emergency, like a business with a permanent “going out of business” sign. But people would catch on and just consider me to be like the boy crying wolf.

This session feels particularly urgent, because several North Korean refugee newcomers found us at about the same time.

We usually have enough tutors, but during the summer, it is more of a struggle because many people travel or are on vacation.

Trying to save the Matching session, I posted it as an event in 34 Facebook different groups. I really feel sorry for anyone also subscribed to those 34 groups, and getting 34 separate invitations from me. Oh, and if the person is subscribed to the TNKR Facebook groups, then it is enough to get the person to send my name to companies selling heaters in hell or air conditioners at the North Pole.