Leonard Read, founder of the Foundation for Economic Education, said that one way to measure your effectiveness is to see how many people seek your counsel.
Friday morning, TNKR’s co-founders met with an educator who is starting a school for North Korean refugee children. TNKR is not a school, just a small little NGO, but in the last week we have had educators, researchers, experts and others visit us to seek our counsel.

Counseling Refugee Students applying for college

After meeting with the educator starting a school, TNKR’s co-Founders joined a college fair counseling North Korean refugees seeking to go to college. We were delighted that many of our own students, at least 10, were participating as counselors.
Many pointed out that we had the most popular table. Part of it was that some of our students were pointing refugees to our table, and TNKR Special Ambassador Eunhee Park in particular was telling people to come to our table (we found out because when we would cite her as going from A-B-C to fluent, they would say they had just met or she had directed them to our table).

Check out the slideshow of photos below.