I had a fantastic time talking with three young ladies who will be attending Harvard University from the fall semester. It was interesting hearing them talk about their future plans and what led them to Harvard. I will probably be having a second meeting later this month with a few more Harvard admits, in addition to seeing many of them at a Harvard University Happy Hour later this month.

If all goes well, then they will be helping with a TNKR event at Harvard University later this year.

It was great introducing TNKR to them. It seems they will be reading about North Korean refugees, based on their interest in books written by NK refugee authors.

After talking about TNKR, we then went out to dinner.

Of course, the meeting reminded me of my time at Harvard. As I recently wrote, ” I had been infamous at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), zigging and zagging across the campus at top-speed with intellectual scissors and debating knives in both hands.” I attended almost every class on campus, it didn’t matter which particular school, Law School, School of Design, Kennedy School. I was a Harvard University student, so the campus was mine. I visited a few classes, sitting in the front, and asked enough questions that a few professors thought I was enrolled in the class, not just auditing.

A few years ago, I was named a Goodwill Ambassador to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, but they haven’t really asked me to do much. Things seem to be changing now.