I joined for a second day with colleagues at North Korea Freedom Week, being held in D.C. this year. Suzanne Scholte is the main organizer, and if I’m correct, she is the founder of it and has been leading it for 16 years. I think I have attended six or seven of them now and spoken at one or two of them.

This is a great way to end my trip to the USA–an attendee at events and speeches about North Korea, meeting old friends and making new ones, and best of all, no responsibility!

Yesterday’s main event was a two-panel discussion at the Heritage Foundation in D.C. One panel featured some of the leaders of the NK defector resistant movement, ranging from activist scholars giving expert advice and analysis to governments and others about ways to understand North Korea to activists sending air balloons, information and items directly into North Korea.

Sometimes people ask me if I feel threatened by North Korea. Nope! As long as such activists are doing their work, I have no reason to worry. If I’m on any target lists, I’m so far down the list that I’ll be in a senior citizen home before they get to my name.

It happened again: North Korean refugees I didn’t know recognized me as the man who teaches English to North Korean refugees. We may even have a special Language Matching session come out of this, it depends on how eager they are because the session I have in mind will be a big of a challenge.

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