2016-07-02 orientation with refugees: “TNKR is the best!”

2016-07-02 orientation with refugees: “TNKR is the best!”

For yesterday’s orientation with refugees getting prepared for TNKR’s 47th Matching session, co-director Eunkoo Lee had more of a feedback session with refugees. That’s because most of the refugees signed up for the session are returning to the program.

Here’s a sampling of the feedback we received from refugees:

* I have studied at several institutions and at my university, but TNKR is definitely the best for me. One thing is the flexibility: We can study at our convenience. The hakwons of course have fixed schedules. Here, we can negotiate with tutors. Two, I can study with as many tutors as possible. They are so patient. One tutor met with me every week for more than 7 months, she never canceled. Another tutor would have me translate,then she would check it. Then she would have me memorize English phrases, then test me. The tutors used a variety of articles, body language, whatever it took to help me understand. I’m studying nursing, I got motivated to study English harder after we had a foreign patient come to the hospital, but most of us were too nervous or embarrassed to speak. But one nursing student with good English talked to the patient. I decided at that moment that I would study English more seriously. I was so lucky to have the chance to study in TNKR.

* When I joined TNKR, I had so many things going on in my life, I had been in Korea for less than a year. I am so thankful my tutors were so understanding, and willing to be flexible for me. So many people kept telling me that I needed English, so I began studying it. I am now applying to go to university, I wrote about TNKR in my personal statement because it has had a big impact on my life here. I want to study every aspect of English–listening, writing, grammar, pronunciation. I am happy to have learned the basics. English is now my favorite subject, it is the only thing I want to study. Thank you so much, Casey and Eunkoo, for creating such a nice program. I am now more settled in my life, I am ready to study harder than before, I hope to get a good result and to be a great student in all of my subjects, even the ones where I will use English.

* When I first joined TNKR, I relied on the tutors. I had no idea how to study English. I have now realized that I can choose based on the skills of the tutors. English is a global language, it is necessary for those of us who want to attend university and graduate. I am applying now, I have written about TNKR in my personal statement. It has widened my view and given me confidence to try harder, to think about the best ways I can learn and improve myself. Thank you so much for providing us an opportunity to learn here.

* TNKR has been very useful and helpful for me. I am more comfortable to speak English than ever. I am now thinking in English sometimes, so I think that means I have made progress. I got a lot of help from TNKR last year to help me establish the basics. This time I will be more focused on how I study.

* English will be really valuable in helping me to reach my dreams. I really want to thank TNKR for providing me with such a valuable opportunity, I promise I will study really hard.

* (Kakao message later): Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to learn English! I had a good time today^^ See you next Saturday!

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