“How to help North Koreans? Here’s my plan!”

(TNKR) Teach North Korean Refugees is launching phase 2 of its project: “How to help North Koreans? Here’s my plan!”

* Part 1: English speech contest, 2/27/16
* Part 2, seminar by refugees presenting updated projects


In order to make this happen, we would like to connect refugees with volunteers who can help them build up their projects.

Therefore, we will be holding an orientation session on 4/23 at 2 pm at the TNKR office to discuss how to develop this project.

People often ask, “How can the international community help North Koreans?” With this project, we will get answers directly from North Korean refugees, then see what can be done. We will start with people who can directly join our meetings, but later we will try to open this up to people around the world.

Who can help? Anyone! Speech coaches, editors, webmasters, social media specialists, strategists, translators, writers and others with skills to build a project. This is not just a mock project, we want refugees to actually build projects that will later go live.

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The topic is broad, projects could address North Korea, rescues from China or other countries, resettlement, advocacy or any other aspect.

Even if you can’t directly participate in this project, there are ways you can help:
* We hope to hold the seminar at a nice place in early July. So please let us know of any suitable places that won’t break our budget.
* We are seeking sponsors for this project so if you don’t have another way to help, you can raise money and put us into contact with people who can help us make this project bigger.
* Tell friends who may be interested in joining this project..

If you can’t attend both then please don’t apply now, this is intended for people who can join.