2016-04-04 Some North Koreans want to return/wish they hadn’t left

“Some North Korean defectors wish they hadn’t left in the first place” is the Associated Press story on the Mashable website.

The article mentions Kim Ryen-hi, the North Korean refugee who says she wants to return to North Korea. As I wrote a few months ago, “Send her back.”

The article mentions that some refugees wish they had not left North Korea. I know some people don’t want to hear that, but it is true, as I mentioned in “Bear Hugs in Texas.” But people need to look at it from the perspective of North Korean refugees and the all-or-nothing choice they have, not from their own perspective.

The article mentions that some refugees send money to relatives in NK. As I wrote in the Korea Times in 2014, “Fund the refugees before it is too late.” Instead of sending money to the North Korean government, give it to the refugees. They can use it to pay off their debts from their escapes or to share with their families who are in North Korea.

They quote a researcher talking about some of the problems refugees face. As I often mention, there are many by-standers who don’t do anything but have endless analysis. Others want to save the world, but they can’t even do small things to make things better for people around them. Just talking talking talking.

As I often mention, let’s do our best to help NK refugees to adjust to living outside North Korea. That was the topic of our speech contest last February 27 and is part of a project TNKR is developing.

The headline and article say that “some” North Koreans say they want to return. To have an article, all a reporter needs is three anecdotes, as I wrote in “Godfather of NK beat reporters.”

Finally, some North Korean refugees have said they want to return. How many of them have taken action to do so? And why haven’t they?