New NK refugee education center 2016-02-19

You are cordially invited to join the opening ceremony marking the formation of a new North Korean refugee education center.
The center is being established under the leadership of Director Casey Lartigue and Vice-Director Eunkoo Lee, co-founders of Teach North Koreans (TNKR), a non-profit based in Seoul that has connected more than 200 refugees with more than 300 volunteers.
* The ceremony will last less than an hour.
The event is taking place a short distance between the Jonggak (line 1) and Angguk (line 3) subway stations. The closest landmark is the Centermark hotel.
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Yes, we are still listening to suggestions of names for the center…. serious suggestions only, please…
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The center is unfurnished. For the last few years, I have been like a man running down the street, and people asking me if they could give me a piano. At last, we have a center where we can receive donations (desks, chairs, shelves, file cabinets, computers and other office supplies).

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