2016-02-14 What a coincidence! September babies at discussion group

Yes, I’m a fluent English speaker. Still, I enjoy joining English language discussion groups in Seoul.

* They usually are composed of working professionals trying to improve or sharpen their English. So they are smart people who are thinking about various issues.

* I get to talk to people who often want to talk to me–at least, initially. It gives me a chance to speak honestly to people who are happy when they agree with me and dismiss me as a foreigner who doesn’t know anything about Korea when they disagree with me.

* I get to explain things naturally, often reminding myself of anecdotes and arguments.

* always something unexpected happens–today, it turned out four of the five members of our particular group were born in the month of Septembe overall, there were about 15 people at the discussion.

* one group member who attends regularly mentioned to me that in a discussion a few weeks ago, all of the members in one group were supporting Bernie Sanders.


What a coincidence!