2016-02-12 A Movement, not a moment…

Last February 2, I was a speaker at a wonderful event hosted by the American Women’s Club, Korea. I have spoken at many one-time events. Then when it is over, the speakers get celebrated, but there is no follow-thru.

That’s not the case with the ladies of AWC!!!

The latest case: Today I met with Karin Hanna. She was deeply moved by the speakers at our event, she followed up with me, making it clear that she wanted to help in some way. TNKR is an all-volunteer that depends on volunteers–giving their time, but also using their brains to find their own way to help. Karin has found her niche–she will translate things into German, help link us with German speakers who might be interested in helping, and a list of other things she suggested as we talked.

She actually got prepared for our discussion! Reading articles, checking videos, reading through our entire Website.

I often have people asking me curiosity questions, but in Karin’s case, she was asking questions with a purpose–trying to figure out how she could get involved. It reminded me of a few months ago when the same thing happened with Rorry Ambers Late. She asked me pointed questions, which at first seemed like curiosity questions, but later turned out to be questions with a purpose.

Today Karin made it clear–she is trying to get involved for more than just a moment, that she wants to have a long-term connection.

I try not to be cynical, but I do make the point in speeches: I hope this will be the start of a movement, not just a moment. I don’t mean to blame people in the audience, some join events out of curiosity. Others who want to help have no idea how they can get involved. Some others want bigger world saving actions than what we are doing.

Out of every event, I hope that just a few will follow-up, try to get involved, figure out how they can help.

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