Question: Given a choice between giving a speech at a morgue or to middle school kids, which would I prefer?Answer: Morgue. At least the corpses won’t eat your snacks.

Today I gave a speech to a group of South Korean middle school kids. They had all of the enthusiasm of military draftees. Yes, I would have been better off speaking at a morgue, but the middle school kids won out because they visited TNKR instead of me having to go to the morgue. 

I gave a more personal introduction to the speech, trying to have at least a few minutes of connecting with them. There were even a few smiles from them, but I knew it wouldn’t last once I got into the heart of the speech. At one point, I was worried that some of the youngsters had passed away during my speech.

The best part is that I got some great photos of them sleeping. It is just that they were sleeping. It seemed they were even having nightmares about my speech as they were dozing off.

* * *

I guess I am still spoiled from my experience with the Chadwick International students. Those whipper-snappers were interrupting me during my presentation with questions, and they applauded me. Yes, elementary school students applauded me.

Thanks to (TNKR) Teach North Korean Refugees interns Melodie Thiriez, Youngmin Kwon and Junha Kwon for the moral support, and Annie Lee in particular for translating my speech. The teacher tried to wake them up, but he seemed to have an idea about what was coming.

They did wake up in time to take group photos at the end!