2015-11-28 TNKR Orientation

We had delightful orientation sessions getting ready for our 39th TNKR Matching session set for this Saturday. 16 tutors and 10 refugees joined us for separate sessions.

I was delighted to hear from the tutors that they feel the program is really organized, clear. So many of them kept saying it is “awesome” and “fantastic” and that they can’t wait to join.

And we got GREAT feedback from the refugees. We have been the in-house tutoring program for two months, it has been great in many ways.

Of the 10 refugees who attended the orientation, 2 are returnees, 6 have been through in-house tutoring, and 2 are brand new. So we have a very good idea about the 8 who have studied with us before. The in-house tutors are preparing reports about the refugees who have been in the program, meaning the Matching program tutors will have an idea about their levels and interests before they start. It also means the first session won’t be wasted.

I was thrilled that one of the refugees I was meeting for the  first time wanted to take a photo with me, and praised me so much! The refugees usually ask about me, so I introduced myself. They applauded me!!!

Some feedback from refugees joining the matching session:

“I’m really happy when I speak in English.”

“After being in the in-house tutoring program, I have a better idea about how I should study.”

“I was in the program before. Now my English studying is stronger and sharper than before. I want a real teacher who has a curriculum or organized materials.”

“I am impressed TNKR is so learner-centered. I feel a duty to start hard.”

“I waited since August to  join, I was ready to give up. I couldn’t join in-house tutoring because of work. Now, I have my chance, I am not going to waste it.”

“I was in TNKR last year. Now, it is so much more organized, professional. I hope to improve my interview skills.”

“Joining in-house tutoring, I could quickly see that I needed to improve my pronunciation. In-house tutoring was fun, I’m sorry because I am sure my teacher had a lot of trouble because of my low English level.  I will study harder, I’m so happy to have learned something new. I also have learned that I must do more self-studying.”

“My in-house tutor prepared me really well. She corrected my grammar, brought practice sheets, focused on my pronunciation. I hope to join the English speech contest  next year..