2015-11-21 Protest in front of Chinese Embassy (Washington, DC)

Bad news: 9 North Korean refugees who had managed to escape to Vietnam have been captured and been shipped back to China, pending being shipped back to North Korea. I say “shipped” because they are like items owned by others, with their destinations being determined by others.
You can read about it here.
Unfortunately, this happens far too often. My life changed in early 2012 when 30 North Korean refugees were arrested and were sent back to China. There were 77 days of protest, including a hunger strike by Prof. Park Sun-young.
I protested in front of the Chinese embassy in Seoul several times during 2012 during that 77 day protest and at this same Chinese embassy in Washington, DC, in April 2012 when I was on a trip to the USA to attend a workshop. Some of the same people who were at that protest in 2012 were there today.
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