2015-11-20 Thank you, Atlas Network

I have been a fellow with the Atlas Network since December 2013. I stopped by the office today, but didn’t have much time to hang out because of a fund-raiser.
Atlas gave (TNKR) Teach North Korean Refugees a matching donation target–and less than a year later, we are on the edge of hitting the target. I was hoping to make this visit to collect the check, but we are still a bit short of raising enough money to hit the matching target, so we will have to wait a bit. But thankfully, it won’t be long!
Eunkoo Lee and I have been leading TNKR for more than 2 years. At first, it was out of pocket, we didn’t actually plan on building an organization. But now that we have had 200 refugees come through the program and have another 50 on the waiting list, we have decided to focus on this as much as possible. With this matching grant we will have an opportunity to actually have a budget for the upcoming year, rather than going from month-to-month.
Atlas has been great to us, giving us the matching donation opportunity, but also providing us with other strategic assistance (training, fundraising advice, highlighted us several times).
Two years ago people would often tell me that I needed a paypal link, a donation page, a crowd sourcing page. I post those various links, but the reality is that we have received very few donations from people seeing the link. Probably 90 percent of our donations have come after I have asked people DIRECTLY. But it is still a habit for me to post this.^^