2015-11-20 North Korea Network fundraiser for TNKR

What a pleasure! I was the featured guest at a fundraiser hosted by The North Korea Network. Jason West is the organizer/owner of it. There were so many special things about the night.

* There are many worthy organizations. So it is an honor that Jason chose us as one of the organizations to raise for. He held a fundraiser for us earlier this year, making it doubly special. Some people will hold a fundraiser for you once, but not twice!

* I had the opportunity to introduce (TNKR) Teach North Korean Refugees to many people who had never heard of us. Many of them donated money to us and also cheered me on!

* Good to meet you in person, Ji Soon Ja!

* Always great to see you, Shaquille James. We seem to alternate between meeting in Seoul and Washington. So see you in Seoul, soon!

* Grace Jo, what a surprise! Let’s be in touch from now.

* MinJeong Ko], I will be expecting to see you in Seoul, and having you as a volunteer with (TNKR) Teach North Korean Refugees.

* And special thanks to Bonchun Chicken for allowing us to hold the fundraiser there, and for giving us 10% of the revenue from food and drinks.not only with our guests, but the people at the table next to us!

* At times, it seems there are more North Korea related events going on in Washington, DC., than there are in Seoul.

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