2015-10-02 TNKR and JFNK break bread!

Catching up on Facebook posts, I had a wonderful time meeting up with Peter Jung, Hanbyeol Lee, Aaron Peterson, Eunkoo Lee, and (still not on Facebook) Dan Bliefield. It is good to get together sometimes to talk, brainstorm–but also, to follow up, as I’m sure we will!

I have long respected Justice for North Korea, as I recall, it was the first NGO in South Korea that I ever gave a donation to. Their mission is different from (TNKR) Teach North Korean Refugees, which means we have nothing to fight about! I hope we will be able to collaborate in the future.

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To break bread

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2015-10-02 in-house tutoring with Judy

Our in-house tutoring program is going really well! Even when it isn’t!

We had a sudden change with our tutors because one had an understandable explanation for needing to make a sudden change. Judy stepped in. But I arrived early, so i started the class with the first student. And it was fun! I think the student enjoyed it, because I taught her some phrases, then had her repeat until she could say them. I was a strict teacher, and she definitely learned!

Then Judy arrived, and she was fantastic. Although she has the natural temptation to speak to the refugees in Korean, she does very well in limiting it to only necessary phrases, and avoiding being conversational in Korean. It has taken some time, but I am now coming to a comfortable position when it comes to bilinguals with beginning learners–allow tutors to use Korean as an emergency, but don’t get conversational with refugees. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of the program. Of course, with higher level and intermediate speakers, this is not an issue.

Judy (1) Judy (2) Judy (4) Judy (5) Judy (6)

2015-10-01 NKDB

I joined a wonderful event hosted by Database Centre For North Korean Human Rights (NKDB). But as often happens at events, I spent more time talking OUTSIDE rather than participating in the event. That is only a problem when I’m the host, and people are looking for me. 🙂

Tonight, I was a free agent, meeting, talking. I was surprised by the number of people who said they follow my Facebook posts. And a few, yes, I felt like I was a star/someone important because of the way they treated me, were so happy to meet me.

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