2015-10-21 Rachel Stine speech to SIWA

I attended–and ended up participating in–Rachel Stine’s speech to the Seoul International Women’s Association this morning. Rachel gave a great speech about helping North Korean refugees. People in the room clearly were inspired by her speech today and her action the last six years for North Korean refugees.

They followed up later on to ask many questions.

Rachel, a former tutor in TNKR, referred to TNKR very often during her speech, so I eventually joined her on stage to explain a few things. But she was the invited speaker, so I refrained from filibustering. 🙂

I met many great people, it seems that TNKR may have some new volunteers and supporters.

Special thanks to former TNKR tutor Renee Cummins for inviting me to the event.


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