2015-10-19 What a day!!!!

When we first started the in-house tutoring program for refugees on the TNKR waiting list, I said that the tutors need to be like boot camp instructors getting refugees ready for the regular matching program.

But now it is more like kindergarten. The tutors and refugees don’t want to say goodbye!  But it was goodbye for a pair that really hit it off. It helps that they are both so sweet and lovely. So I guess it was natural that it would happen!

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I had to leave early for another meeting so I couldn’t stay until the end of the second in-house tutoring session. The young man in this class is always on time, early, in fact! He is at the ABC level. I can see that he really wants to learn. He is still on the waiting list, so unless several refugees cancel, he will be in the in-house tutoring program until at least November.

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One of our in-house tutors didn’t have anyone to tutor today because they are studying hard for their mid-term exams. But Justin still wanted to help out. So he joined me at the Freedom Factory office! His big task: Call the refugees joining the Matching session this Saturday. The English levels of the refugees range from ABC to high intermediate. So there was a lot of comedy in the discussions as Justin asked them several questions to help them get psychologically prepared for the matching session.

Of the 10 refugees scheduled to join us, 7 of them went through the in-house tutoring session. So we feel closer to them, we have a better idea of their language levels, and they have thought about their learning goals.

IMG_3997 IMG_3998

* * *

For a few days now a contact has been chasing me, trying to have a meeting with me. We sat down to talk tonight, and what she said has the potential to make some really really big changes in TNKR…

Stay tuned, big announcement coming soon if our plan comes together…


* * *

Leaving the restaurant, I heard my name being called. Of course, that means we need to take a photo together!