2015-10-13 TNKR class visit: Aishling & Cherie

Yesterday was another busy day! In-house tutoring in the morning, interview with “Ask Ajumma,” speech, dinner, then I joined a class taught by Aishling.

I love going to these study sessions. One great thing about Aishling is that she is a focused and creative tutor. She didn’t  just go by the book in helping Cherie with her next assignment, she  also presented original ideas.

They met at 9 pm last night. It is another reminder of how great TNKR is! We have classes going on all around the city every day, in this case I joined classes from 10 am to 1 pm, then from 9 to 10 pm. So many volunteers give up so much of their time to North Korean refugees.

Aishling and Cherie clearly have hit it off, laughing and joking together, but it is within the focus of teaching and learning.

A great thing about Cherie is that she is coachable and eager to learn. She listens to what she is taught, she doesn’t pretend to understand when she doesn’t, she asks questions, and she keeps the class fun because of her delightful personality.

I’m not sure how happy they were about me joining, because they knew if meant one thing: Photos!

Cherie (2) Cherie (3) Cherie