2015-09-25 Media Day + in-house tutoring

* Quoted by Vice News

* Quoted by Global Post

* interview with new website that will feature (TNKR) Teach North Korean Refugees as part of its launch. Two reporters from the website stopped by to interview me, to talk with two volunteers who happened to be here, and also to interview a refugee who was having her first class.

The reporters interviewed me first about TNKR’s mission, history, and main activities. It is interesting to me to explain such things because it gives me a chance to reflect on things.

* interview with a leading wire service

* interview with an international correspondent.

* * *

The refugee was delightful, so pleased to be joining our in-house tutoring program. She has studied at a language institute so she has learned the basics beyond the alphabet, but that’s about it. She arrived early, so unfortunately for her, her introduction to TNKR was talking with me. I engaged her in conversation, pushing her to repeat what I said in English rather than talking in Korean, and also pushing her to try English. At first she wanted to speak Korean, and it took her a little time to relax during her class with Bridget.

She seemed to enjoy the class. She later said after the class that she really enjoyed the 1:1 focus that she got today, rather than a group situation in a class, and that she thinks it is a great chance for her to improve her English.

I was deeply touched by the kind things the volunteers said about the program and about me. The lesson I learned: Make sure I am nearby whenever our volunteers get interviewed.

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