May I sing… again… one day?

KC at Westin Chosun

Last night the Teach North Korean Refugees team had dinner with a couple that has fallen in love with us. The wife in the couple called me a few days ago, asking, “May I speak to the World Famous Casey Lartigue?”

I told her that any world that I’m famous in has many problems…

Her husband had attended an event at which several a few TNKR Ambassadors spoke at, bringing the audience to tears.¬†She wasn’t at the event, but her husband praised us so much, she wanted to learn more about us. So she emailed me, then called. She remembered that I had won the talent competition at the Harvard Club Korea Alumni dinner a few years ago. Yes, I sang live on stage at the Westin Chosun Hotel.

Without rehearsal, I sang a Korean song live on stage with a band (if you look at the photo, I had pulled up the lyrics because there are no do-overs live on stage with a band. So I wanted to be prepared because this wasn’t a karaoke with a few friends).

Before anyone gets confused or asks–NO. I am not a good singer. I know this because if I could sing well, I would be singing for a living. North Korea would have never heard of me because I would either be a world-famous singer or singing in nightclubs or on street corners.

Okay, so maybe you think I am being humble. I wish. Then maybe you are wondering how a lousy singer won a talent contest? Easy.

The competition.

Inspired by someone remembering my musical prowess, I’m going to contact the folks at Harvard Club Korea, ask them to have another talent contest–and to invite back those same competitors I had from a few years ago…

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video music I was in a few years ago, as a rapper, not as a singer.