2015-03-27 “Well done is better than well said.”

What makes Teach North Korean Refugees great? Well, many things! But lately, it is that it isn’t just Casey and Eunkoo doing everything. These days, I see messages with volunteers talking to each other about ideas, then the next thing I know, I get something in my email asking me to look at what they have done.

150784_618328631644469_1753818773293518865_nYes, it just happened! Karissa Bryant, one of our volunteers who came to us in January, jumped in immediately coaching some of our Track 2 Ambassadors. She also made it clear that she wanted to help us with other things.

She and Suzanne Atwill Stewart are working on documentation that will organize TNKR. They take my words, type it up, then like magic, we are more organized. It was instructive to me to see what they focused on, so it lets me know what I will focus on at future sessions. So it will make me a better co-director by seeing what they have done, and adjusting my approach to upcoming orientations.

1897870_618328978311101_2988367224489865052_nThanks, Suzanne Atwill Stewart and Karissa Bryant. As I often say, the TNKR volunteers are making me look so organized and professional.^^

In one of my stump speeches, I talk about how to be a good volunteer. We have people who not only come up wtih ideas, but they get them done. As I recently saw in the Kakao profile of one of our refugees, “Better well done than well said.”

Although I am cynical, so these days, “Even halfway done is better than well said.”