2015-02-27 TNKR Ambassador at Citizens’ Alliance fundraiser

February is the shortest month of the year, but it was a really busy one for alumni and students in the Teach North Korean Refugees Project!
Friday night, TNKR co-directors Lee Eunkoo and Casey Lartigue went out to hear one of our TNKR Ambassadors give a talk at a fund-raiser hosted by one of my favorite NGOs, The Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights. One of the main organizers for the night was Joseph Steven Van Dorn, one of TNKR’s excellent tutors.
Just as a sampling, here are talks by TNKR alumni and students that I am aware of (and they don’t always tell me) in the month of February.
Cherie Yang
•Feb 9, Florida Gulf Coast University (Florida)
•Feb 9, Foundation for Government Accountability (Florida)
•Feb 12, John Locke Foundation (North Carolina)
•Feb 14, Frederick Douglass Memorial and Historical Association
•Feb 28, TNKR speech contest
Joo Yang
• Feb 13, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.
• Feb 20, Joo Yang, TEDx talk (Idaho)
Yeonmi Park
• Feb 14, International Students for Liberty Conference (Washington, DC)
• Feb 24, Geneva Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy
Eunju Kim
• Feb 24, Harvard University
Sungju Lee
• Feb 27, Citizens’ Alliance (Joseph Steven Van Doren)
• Feb 28, TNKR speech contest
Jihyun Park​
•being featured in numerous places, including “The Other Interview.”