2015-02-26 meetings, planning, talking…


2015-02-26 meeting #1: Is it already 2015

Wow, long time no see. I first met her in… can it be true… 1992? Or maybe 1993? Time flies…Sometimes people will say things like, “Wow, it is already February.”

In my case, I say, “Wow, it is already 2015.”




2015-02-26 Meeting 2: UK documentary team

I then met with the North Korea Project team visiting from the UK. I recommended a number of possible contacts for them. If you would like to be interviewed by them, contact them.
Edward Lawrence.
They will be joining the Citizens’ Alliance propaganda event tomorrow night, the TNKR English Speech Contest on Saturday, Mulmangcho School on Sunday…


IMG_0961 IMG_0964 IMG_0966

2015-02-26 meeting #3: TNKR planning

I then met with Tricia Morente Bolender to discuss a new project for TNKR. This is a great expansion of our activities to provide refugees with more opportunities.

The UK documentary team, still fighting jet lag, sprung into action to interview both of us…

IMG_0970 IMG_0973 IMG_0977 IMG_0980

2015-02-26 meeting #4: TNKR planning with Suzanne

I met with Suzanne Atwill Stewart, the Super Special Assistant of Teach North Korean Refugees.

We are developing a great working relationship. She makes a suggestion, I agree with her, she asks what we should do, I agree with her that she should do it.^^






2015-02-26 meeting #5: NK food mini-festival

Then, the main event! Eating North Korean food prepared by one our wonderful students in the Teach North Korean Refugees project.

She wanted to thank the TNKR staff and teachers for helping her.

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