2015-02-05 TNKR orientation

We had another great group come out tonight for a Teach North Korean Refugees Project orientation. I am learning lessons every time, and tonight’s big lesson for me: Encourage the volunteers to follow up with us.

We got lucky because one volunteer is going to help us track the volunteers from these informal orientations. That will make it easier for us to match people.

I have let the TNKR-FAN Ambassadors know that we have coaches on stand-by, waiting… almost complaining that they can’t get started ASAP. 🙂

All of those volunteers expressed their thanks that they have an opportunity to help North Korean refugees tell their stories. It was wonderful that so many of them came out on a Thursday night after work to listen to me outline what TNKR is about.

I may not always express it very well, but I try to tell the volunteers that I am well-aware that the project could not exist without them. I’m only one man, and we have been lucky to have now had more than 200 volunteers  join the project.

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