2014-03-18 Chadwick kids…I love them and they love me!

This morning I gave a speech at the Chadwick International School. Wow! One of the most active audiences I’ve ever had. And the kids were really kids. I guess I didn’t read the email closely enough, I assumed they were high school kids. But as I was walking around the school, I finally said, “There are only little people here.” Meaning, children.

It was too late to change my presentation too much, so I let it go. And the kids loved it! They had so many questions and even comments during the presentation. One little whipper snapper even challenged me!!!

And at the end, the teachers were telling me that I was the most popular guest speaker they had ever had. So I feel sorry for anyone following in my footsteps.

The kids lined up to get my autograph and were showing it off to the teachers. One even went to get her mom, who happened to be at the school, to come by to take a photo with me. It was hilarious, one of the most pleasant times I’ve had as a speaker.

Like others, when I was first stating my career, I wanted to speak at huge venues with important people… but now, I enjoy gatherings where the audiences really listen to what I have to say.

Thanks to Domenique Marie for setting it up, guiding me through the day, and blocking the kids from mobbing me.^^

Here’s the column I wrote about this speech.

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